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Town Creek Park, Montgomery, TX.
Town Creek Park, Montgomery, TX.
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Above is an aerial view of Town Creek Park located in Montgomery, Texas. This image shows a variety of crops that were grown here at the park in 2009. 

     Town Creek Park is a linear park located in Montgomery, Texas. It is a riparian corridor located in the fastest growing region in the United States, and will maximize the quality of life for the residents while securing habitat for nature.

     Agriculture is fundamental in Town Creek Park, but the park serves many other functions, including walking, biking, equestrian and nature habitat.

     Town Creek Park totally separates pedestrians and traffic, allowing you to walk or bike all the way to town and never cross a road.  You will travel thru vineyards and orchards, along streams and around ponds, over hills and meadows, thru dense forest and open fields.

     The park is also a wildlife corridor, supplying crucial connectivity and critical habitat. It will be enhanced with plantings of wildflowers and butterfly host plants as well as pollen and nectar-bearing flora.

The park will increase land values to all properties who have access to them, and will provide long term health and happiness benefits from exercise, nutrition and nature exposure.

     Town Creek Park is a rich sanctuary of life, nurturing plant, animal and human alike for
generations to come.

Town Creek Park, Montgomery, TX. Map
Town Creek Park, Montgomery, TX. Arial view
Town Creek Park, Montgomery, TX. Planned Development