Towm Creek Park is a work in progress at this point, there is no formal governing entity or central ownership​.  But upon the sale of the property this will change, and all the easements will be combined into one deeded easment.
  The property for sale is 3 tracts of land owned by Larry Ashley, 16 acres+- with 300 feet on the Lone Star Parkway . It is connected by a deeded easement that crosses Martin Simontons property. This easement is to be extended thru Ashleys property upon sale(see map), and owned by Ashley and Simonton  initially, but TCP ultimately . The new easement also connects to the Lone Star Parkway.
Price :   
 Option 1-  ​$650,000 for 16.2689 acres      or
 Option 2-  $525,000 for 14.+- acres. Owner keeps  100' of of LSP frontage down to the creek, which is a little over an acre.
 Buyers have personal access to park.
 Mineral rights are retained by seller.
 There are no utilities available
 There are 2 tracts of land nearby, currently listed for sale on Loopnet for $130,000 per acre. One touches the property, the other is across the street, touching the park. (see map below) 
  Acreage on the East side of Montgomery sells for $160,000 to $289,000 per acre.
  As a rule all property on the West side of all towns ultimately becomes the most affluent, valueable property.
  There are no comparable parks or properties in Montgomery or surounding counties.
 Properties along greenbelts typically have a higher montary value and are more desireable than those that aren't. Local agriculture, fishing and nature exposure further enhance long term value and desireability.

1)Ownership-   We are leaning towards putting Town Creek Park into a conservation easement in the future, and have met with different groups about that, including HGAC and the Bayou Land Conservancy, but have made no commitments. 
2) Long term plan- The overall vision includes an extensive centralised detention and retention pond plan, and wetlands mitigation. 
 The ponds and constructed wetlands will provide recreational opportunities such as kayaking, canoeing and fishing. They will also be used for wetland and bog agriculture.

 Also planned is contruction of a farmers market and farm centric restaraunts, bakeries, barns, tenants quarters and parking areas. 
3)Vehicles- Vehicles are only used for maintainance or Agriculture.  TCP is not a golf cart, motorcycle, 4 wheeler or off road trac.
4) When will it open?- Jan 1st 2020 is our projected public opening, but access thru a membership program will be avialable much sooner for those who complete the oreintation and dont mind a more rustic experience. 
5)Park Growth- TCP will be an emerald jewel shining in the midst of relentless development, and contigous land owners will want to use it. The plan is quite simple, you may come thru ours if we can go thru yours. This way the park has the potential to grow continously.

6) Equestrian- The park is prioritised for walking, biking and agricultural use, and mixing in equestrian use can be challenging.  Ultimately we would like to see both sides of the creek incorporated into the park, allowing for a dedicated equestrian trail.
 For several years we have been talking about creating a 20 mile equestrian loop around Montgomery, the main problem is crossing State Highway 105. We have identified 2 good crossing points, Stewart Creek near FM2854 in Montgomery, and Lake Creek in Dobbin. There are only 5 landholders between TCP and Lake Creek, which crosses under 105 in Dobbin.

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