Plants mine the soil for nutrients, then make these nutrients available to us as food. Modern agriculture only returns 3 elements to the soil(NPK), and over time the soil is depleted as we remove these nutrients but do not replace them.
 Town Creek has been flooding on and off for thousands of years. Over time a rich layer of minerals and nutrients has been deposited, creating very rich farm land. Decaying organic matter from plants leaves rich mulch deposits. This mulch is naturally inoculated with microbes and fungi, assuring a healthy soil web. Techniques will be used to concentrate and capture this mulch during floods, allowing it to be harvested and used in the vineyards, gardens and orchards. 
 In addition to this we have added thousands of pounds of amendments to the soil here at Town Creek park. We have repeatedly added humate, dried molasses, cotton seed meal, kelp meal, fish meal, feather meal, meat and bone meal, rock phosphate, and alfalfa.
 Green manures, mostly crimson clover and wheat. have also been sowed and plowed under,  repeatedly, 
 Over a hundred tons of Terra Preta/Biochar material was spread thruout the site, and the fired clay and charcoal can still be found every time we till.
 Our goal is to grow the most nutrient dense vegetables possible.

Amending the soil

Quite a lot of work is required to bring in, mix and spread these amendments. Just look at these guys go!
  1. Locally Grow Food
    Locally Grow Food
  2. Adding Amendments
    Adding Amendments
  3. Mixing Amendment
    Mixing Amendment

Green Manure

In addition to bringing in thousands of pounds of amendments we utilize the green manure concept. Primarily we use clover and wheat, sowing thick crops of it and then plowing it under while it is tender and green. The effect is similiar to adding manure, hence the name. 
Red Clover
Red Clover
Red Clover

Terra Preta/Bio Char

We moved over 100 tons of terra preta type material left over from the clearing  of the Lone Star Parkways right of way.  The clay left on the tree stumps was fired when they were burned, and huge pile created ideal conditions for making charcoal . After the piles cooled we spread the charcoal, ash and fired clay over the North side of Town Creek Park. The charcoal and fired clay is still visible every time we till. The pictures below show the fired clay and charcoal Jim saw while looking at the roots of wheat during a green manure till.

"“Terra Preta” (‘black earth’ in Portuguese) are fertile anthropogenic (i.e., man-made) soils found in the Amazon basin. They are recognized by their dark colour, owing to the abundance of charcoal, by their association with archaeological artefacts (e.g., ceramic fragments, lithic material, etc.), as well as by their high nutrient content (especially phosphorous and calcium)."